Once you’ve seen, you can’t unsee. Once you’ve tasted, you can’t untaste. -Rob Bell

Hi, I’m Jamie.

A little bit about myself. I am 36, married to Kim for 13 years, father of four girls, owner of a high maintenance dog, software engineer by trade, musician in my nonexistent spare time, and recently have somewhat rapidly evolved into a theology and philosophy enthusiast/nerd. I’m a perfectionist, a stereotypical only child, and I have a nasty habit of thinking I’m always right.

I’d love to share with you about my recent encounter with God.

(Hang on, stick with me… I’m not going to preach at you.)

If you know me, you may know me as a Christian, who has believed in God and Jesus for a long time (since I was 10). I may have this in common with you, or not. If not, I may have tried to convince you of my beliefs at some point. You may even have had some kind of spiritual argument or debate with me about things of faith. These days, I look back on my previous religious self with a bit of embarrassment; I don’t feel a need anymore to convert you to believe what I believe*. I have seen things in a new way — and “things” means not only things of God and faith, but everything. And what I have seen has changed me, on a different level than my faith ever has before.

(*As a side note, I think many of my previous attempts to share my faith were not always genuine. I’ll write about this more later, but in short, I probably was trying to exercise my intellect and ego more than share good news of love.)

This blog will hopefully be interesting to you, especially if you’re a Christian who, like me, is interested in exploring new and different ways of seeing the world. I’ll be writing about God, yes, and the Bible, probably, but also:

  • Spiral Dynamics
  • Donald Trump and hyper-polarization
  • Integral philosophy
  • Non-dual thinking
  • Growing up vs. waking up
  • The Green Mile
  • Nutrition, medicine, and holism
  • How we see each other
  • How we see the world

And maybe occasionally I’ll write about something I’m actually qualified to write about, software engineering. (If that doesn’t excite you, nothing will)

See you soon!


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